Windom antenaJučer je stigla nova antena koju planiramo koristiti za rad iz portabla. S ovom antenom smo pokrili opseg od 3,5 - 50 MHz. Naravno testiranje će biti istek nagodinu. S obzirom da smo ove godine kupili i stup za podizanje ovakvih antena još trebamo samo više volje nego ove godine da tu i opremu koju već imamo još bolje iskoristimo.

Nesto slika u opširnijem dijelu, a i copy/paste s ebay-a

This antenna is 132 ft. in length.  One leg of the antenna is 44 ft.. The other leg is 88 ft . The center of the antenna is offset 17% so it will tune all bands 80-6 meters. It utilizes a 4:1 toroidal current balun to obtain a 50 ohm match for your 50 ohm radio. It can be used on any band from 80 through 6 meters, including the W.A.R.C. bands of 12, 17, and 30 meters. It will also work on 60 meters.

The real beauty of this design is that an external antenna tuner is usually not needed to tune your radio on 80,40, 20, 10, or 6 meters.  The S.W.R. is  low enough that in most cases the built in auto-tuner in your modern radio will tune the antenna. On many frequencies the SWR is below 1.5 to 1 prior to tuning.   On 30, 17, 15, and 12 meters you may need to use your tuner to obtain a low SWR.

NOTE: If you are using a tube type radio, your radio should also tune these bands without a tuner because tube radios have a pi network style of tuning that works similar to an antenna tuner.

This antenna is very well built and it will last for many years. The balun is 100% waterproof .

The antenna wire is 14 guage stranded pure copper. Copper has been the #1 choice of wire for antennas since the beginnings of radio. The antenna wire is protected with a double PVC coating.----- The first coat is black in color and it blends in well into the background. The top PVC layer is a clear UV protective layer.  The coatings help to reduce atmospheric static. They also allow you to hang the antenna in foliage with no detuning the SWR due to the foliage touching the antenna.

The "OFF Center Fed Dipole/ Windom" is a very popular antenna. It will hold its own  quite well against other wire antenna designs. It is the preferred design of many experienced amateur radio operators.

As you go up in frequency the OCF Dipole/ Windom will exhibit gain in certain directions due to the signal developing lobes of gain. These lobes will exhibit 3 db or more of gain.

I believe that whether you are a beginning ham or a seasoned veteran operator you will appreciate the build quality and performance of this antenna. It is a very good performer and it is built to last --- I guarantee it !!!!!